Advansity is a Rainmeter skin that offers a variety of widgets for customizing your desktop. Some of the widgets included are:

Time and Weather: You can choose from over 30 variants of time and date displays, as well as weather information from Yahoo or Astro Weather. You can also see the air quality, astronomy, and world clock information from other skins that are compatible with Advansity.

Music Player: You can control your music from Spotify, Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes, AIMP, MediaMonkey, or Foobar2000. You can also see the song title, artist, album art, and progress bar. You can also play music from YouTube with a browser extension.

Visualizer: You can choose from 7 variants of visualizers that show the sound spectrum of your music. You can also customize the color, shape, and size of the visualizer.

Advansity is a skin that combines minimalism and skeuomorphism, using gradient effects and bright colors to create a modern and stylish look.